About Us

Diamond G Farm is owned and operated by Matthew and Darlene Grant

We have set about to provide fresh, wholesome, family farm raised products. Matthew did not grow up in agriculture, however he always desired to be involved in farming. Darlene grew up on a dairy farm in Lebanon County and has always held jobs on farms. Together, we decided to begin a natural pasture based farm. We have been producing high quality hay for several years off the pasture land we now also keep our poultry on.

Over the course of the past few seasons of haymaking, our fields have steadily improved in forage quality. In 2015 we decided to place our first batches of Non GMO broiler chickens on pasture. We found that many people we knew were interested in the broiler chickens we raised and the quality of the meat. This led us to a natural expansion into laying hens which began laying in early 2016. We are currently building a solar powered egg-mobile that will automatically provide feed, water, access to the outdoors during daylight hours, and an electrified predator fence.

We want to thank those around us for their encouragement for us to provide them with delicious and nutritious food. We also have enjoyed meeting the many new people we have met through producing natural pasture based meat products.