Broiler Chickens

We raise Non GMO Broiler Chickens.

Read below to learn about them, and compare that to conventionally produced poultry. We really do believe (and can see) that we produce a superior product!

We raise our broiler chickens on pasture in bottomless pens that we move each day.

Prior to the 1960's chickens were not raised in the large confinement houses as they were today. The prices for poultry were higher due to supply/demand, however, due to the chickens being outside in their natural environment the chickens and the meat was healthier and not supported by antibiotics.

Here at Diamond G Family Farm,

we strive to raise a healthy natural chicken that has spent its life on pasture doing what chickens do, scratching, pecking, and just being chickens. Our chickens are raised in portable pens that we move daily to cut down on chickens hurt or killed by the many chicken predators that naturally live in the wild. There are many health benefits to eating pasture raised poultry. The benefits include: Low in Saturated Fat/Cholesterol High in Omega 3 fatty acids Arsenic FreeHigher levels of Beta-CaroteneHigh in Vitamins A, C, and E Antibiotic Free and GMO Free, if you buy our non-GMO chickens

While the chickens do eat a significant amount of grass, weeds, and insects, they do need supplemental feed in order to survive.

We choose to purchase our feed from a local mill which produces GMO free broiler grower, and all natural broiler grower. We try to keep less than a 2 week supply of feed on hand. Feed loses nutrient value the longer it is uneaten after it has been milled. Where we purchase feed, it has sat for a very short time since milling. We believe that all these principles lead to a higher quality final product.

The Non-GMO feed is milled using grains which were not genetically modified. While the grains are not certified organic, the grains were grown from seeds that have not been genetically modified and meet the standards of the Non GMO Project.

Our poultry production model is environmentally friendly.

The chickens naturally create a lot of manure every day. This is one of the reasons for moving the pen daily. In addition to using natural fertilizer (the chicken's manure) on our pasture, the chickens scratching opens the ground to allow better nutrient integration. This allows for less possibility of nutrient runoff. Essentially the chickens are doing work for us!

We believe in seasonality of farming; In fact it is Biblical. Ecclesiastes 3:2 states: A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted. What this means to us is, we begin our first batch of chickens in the brooder house while it is still cold outside. We plan to get our first batch outside on the first days when the grass is beginning to spruce up and the weather won't freeze anymore. We also plan to have our last batch off of pasture by the time the grass isn't growing as well. The earth is seasonal in production of grass, insects, and weeds, which are essential to our chickens, so in essence, if we raised the broiler chickens over the winter, inside, they would not be the same product you desire.

In following the above model of production, we believe that we produce some of the best chicken available.

We are seeking wholesale buyers for live and processed birds.