Non-GMO Pasture Raised Eggs

Our eggs are from hens who live their lives on pasture.

Our chickens have access to what we call an egg mobile; a wagon chassis with a shelter built on top that includes laying boxes, waterers, and supplemental feeders. The chickens do not live their whole life in the egg mobile, conversely they spend their time out on pasture practicing natural chicken instincts and habits. We keep them safe from predators with an electric poultry netting that we surround a large area with. Every few days we move the electro netting and the egg mobile to fresh pasture.

Because the chickens live their lives outside, there are a few differences in the eggs.

Best of all, the eggs are more nutritious for you because of the increased Vitamins A and C, Beta Carotene, and Omega 3 fatty acid; and reduced Cholesterol and Saturated Fat. Probably the first thing you will notice though, is a definite dark orange yolk, compared with the light yellow yolks of eggs which were raised exclusively/predominately indoors (regardless if they are organic or conventional): caged, cage free, and free range. The eggs taste considerably better too.

To achieve these benefits we grant the chickens access to unlimited pasture, which means they get to eat their natural diet of grass, weeds and bugs. The supplemental feed we supply is all natural, meaning that no animal proteins are in the feed, just plant proteins. It is also Non-GMO. Non GMO grain is not genetically modified to allow the plants to be sprayed with glyphosate or dicamba herbicides to control weeds. We also provide no antibiotics to our flock, which can be avoided with good flock management and using natural probiotics to enhance their immune systems to fight off sickness naturally.

We collect the eggs at least once daily and transport them to our roadside stand. Our stand is not located at our farm, but behind our home in Stevens. Our farm stand is self service open 24/7. The eggs are kept in the refrigerator inside first door of the steel building.

We feel that having an honest relationship with those who purchase our eggs is far superior to purchasing a certification.

Many people have asked if our eggs are "certified organic." We are not certified organic, however, we believe that pasture raised eggs are a premium to "certified organic" eggs. We, along with many other pastured poultry producers believe that labels such as Organic, Cage Free, Free Range, etc. are designed by the Factory Poultry Industry to cause the consumer to picture poultry on pasture. This is just not the case. The APPPA, the trade group of pastured poultry producers, emphasizes that Pastured must include the moving of birds to new pasture. Not indoor confinement, or access to day ranges from a permanent structure. Our Pastured Poultry have daily access to green grass and regular movement to new pasture Our pastures are not sprayed with chemicals, as we mow the hay regularly. This is a more effective weed control than spraying, as spraying kills beneficial legumes in the grass.

For these reasons, we believe that our eggs are far superior to any raised in a factory model.

We are looking for wholesale buyers and retail sellers for our eggs